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Whether you are buying or selling a business, a trusted professional business broker will help you successfully navigate one of the most complex and important financial transactions of your life.

Business Acquisitions LLC: A team you can trust!

Business Acquisitions LLC comprises experienced business brokers who can successfully match business buyers and sellers. We devise win/win strategies for both buyers and sellers in business acquisition transactions. Bear in mind when buying a business or selling a business that you, as a principal, may not be the best negotiator for the purpose. Having a 3rd-party business intermediary in most cases provides for the best chance of success during negotiations and in the final outcome.


You have put time and energy, as well as heart and soul, into building your business. When you are ready to sell your business, you want to have a trusted, experienced business broker oversee the transaction. You want the benefit of a team who has done it before to help you define your offer and structure your marketing package. And you don’t need to waste your time on unqualified buyers. Business Acquisition’s team members have many yearsof experience as business intermediaries and have participated in numerous transactions. We will work hard to ensure you get a deal that works for you. Contact Business Acquisitions, LLC at 1-844-535-5500 to help you optimize your return on the investment you have made in your business and find a buyer that can successfully acquire and run the business in the future.


You may want to buy a business for a variety of reasons—be your own boss, replace a job if you are fired or laid off, provide an additional source of revenue, pursue a hobby or special skill. Owning your own business can be highly rewarding, however, the time and costs of starting a business from scratch are often significantly underestimated. For example, it often takes much longer than anticipated to get the base level of sales to a profitable level. When you purchase an existing business, your chances of success are increased because the business you step into is already functioning and has demonstrated market success. Contact Business Acquisitions, LLC at 1-844-535-5500 for a business market assessment. We match business buyers with businesses for sale that are right for them.

Business Acquisitions LLC