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Valuation Costs

Cost of a Valuation

Cost of a Valuation Business Acquisitions LLC

A common question is how much should a valuation cost. The answer depends on the credentials from the person doing the valuation. Certain organizations have very strict requirements for the procedures that must be followed in preparing the valuation. In general the more difficult that it is to obtain the valuation credentials, the more stringent the organization is on the requirements for the valuation process. Most valuations from credentialed people will have a bottom price of $2,500. Our experience is they usually start at $5,000 and go up to $25,000 for small and mid-sized businesses. This still depends on the size and complexity of the business. At the bottom of this section are two – do it yourself – low cost alternatives to obtain a value of a business. Please use these with extreme caution.

The Fair Valuers $399 Valuation on line www.onlinebusinessappraisal.com/?gclid=CIHw-pve66ECFSCjiQodkXSuPQ

Software to do it yourself to create a valuation of your business $99 www.businessbookpress.com/catalog/s101.htm