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Reasons to Sell your Business

Reasons to sell your business

10 Questions that can help you decide whether to sell your business

  1. Do business problems keep you awake at night?
  2. Is there a serious illness, disability or death in your business or personal life?
  3. Is a divorce or dissolving a partnership (or other entity) requiring a sale?biz acq
  4. Are you worried about having the money to make payroll this week?
  5. Do you feel that your business demands more of your time and that affects your time with your family?
  6. Are customer or vendor problems becoming more commonplace?
  7. Are your vacations more about your work than having fun?
  8. Are you ready to retire, and do you have enough money to retire?
  9. Has the business started to decline because you are not paying attention to it?
  10. Could someone else do better with the business?

The more “yes” answers above, the more likely you want to sell your business.
However, wanting to sell and being ready to sell are two different issues.


To be ready to sell, you need 3 key elements:

  1. A Plan (how will you price, market, negotiate and close the sale of your business)
  2. The Right Resources (a qualified business broker, attorney, accountant, mentor)
  3. A Ready Attitude (are you ready to sell and change your life? finish strong, and let go?)

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